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Friends of old time music The Folk arrival 1961-1965

Publié par : Smithsonian Folkways , 2006
Caractéristiques physiques : 3 d.c.

Contient :
I'm troubled - Doc Watson
The Country blues - Dock Boggs
Going down to the river - Fred McDowell
East Virginia blues - Roscoe Holcomb
The Storms are on the ocean - Maybelle Carter
The Dream of the miner's child - Stanley Brothers
Soldier's joy - Hobart Smith
Coffee blues - Mississippi John Hurt
Live and let live - Blue Grass Boys
Lonely tombs - Watson Family (The)
Rockin' boogie - Jesse Fuller
Brown's dream - Doc Watson
Down south blues - Dock Boggs
Knoxville blues - Sam McGee
Have a feast here tonight - Stanley Brothers
Riley - Georgia Sea Island Singers (The)
Buck and wing - Jesse Fuller
Hell among the yealblings - Arthur Smith
Amelia Earhart's last flight - Greenbriar Boys (The)
The Brakeman's blues - Blue Grass Boys
Foggy mountain top - Maybelle Carter
Hick's farewell - Doc Watson
Jordan is a hard road to travel - New Lost City Ramblers (The)
Write me a few of your lines - Fred McDowell
Bimini gal - Joseph Spence
Shady grove - Blue Grass Boys
Grey eagle - Blue Grass Boys
Walkin' the dog - Blue Grass Boys
San Francisco bay blues - Jesse Fuller
Short life of trouble - Arnold Watson
John Henry - Roscoe Holcomb
Kneelin' down inside the gate - Stanley Thompson
Tell me why you like Roosevelt - McKinley Peebles
Bury me under the weeping willow - Maybelle Carter
Mansions for me - Stanley Brothers
Before the time another year - Georgia Sea Island Singers (The)
My creole belle - Mississippi John Hurt
Guitar lesson - Jesse Fuller
Cincinnati blues - Jesse Fuller
Poor boy in jail - Dock Boggs
He's solid gone - Maybelle Carter
Maggie Walker blues - Clarence Ashley Group (The)
Chevrolet - Emma Ramsay
Rising sun blues - Roscoe Holcomb
Lord, build me a cabin in glory - Blue Grass Boys
Frankie and Albert - Mississippi John Hurt
Hard times - Stanley Brothers
The Miller's will - Horton Barker
The Coo coo bird - Clarence Ashley
Double file - Doc Watson
The Wandering boy - Annie Bird
Stranger blues - Jesse Fuller
I saw the light - Blue Grass Boys
Sugar hill - Maybelle Carter
Amazing grace - Clarence Ashley Group (The)
Type : CD

Résumé : Retrouvez dans ce coffret l'époque du retour des premiers artistes folk aux Etats-Unis durant les années 1960. Présentées dans des versions originales et enregistrées en concert, toutes ces chansons ont marqué le paysage musical à jamais

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