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The New real book , vol. 1 Jazz classics, choice standards, pop-fusion classics created by musicians, for musicians Legal C and vocal version Solfège et accords chiffrés pour instruments en Do

Par Mingus Charles, Montgomery Wes, Getz Stan, Coltrane John, Parker Charlie, Powell Bud, Ellington Duke, Davis Miles, Herman Woody, Jones Quincy, Coleman Ornette, Mulligan Gerry, Hall Jim, Abercrombie John, Zeitlin Denis, Allison Mose, Frishberg Dave, Evans Bill, Kral Irene, Brown Clifford, Beirach Richie, Carter Ron, Peterson Oscar, McCann Les, Goodman Benny, Moody James, Land Harold, Jacquet Illinois, Monk Thelonious, Ozone Makoto, Peacock Gary, Nock Mike, Sphere, Shew Bobby, Erskine Peter, Jobim Antonio-Carlos, Tjader Cal, Vaughan Sarah, Moreira Airto, Shorter Wayne, Lins Ivan, Fischer Clare, Cole Richie, Bryant Ray, Jarreau Al, Benson George, The Yellow Jackets, Hubbard Freddie, Lorber Jeff, Feldman Victor, Grusin Dave, Pastorius Jaco, Brecker Michael, Franklin Aretha, Flack Roberta, Jackson Michael, Rollins Sonny, Sanborn David, Bofill Angela, James Bob, Washington Grover Jr, Scott Tom, Fagen Donald, Brecker Randy, Ritenour Lee, Mintzner Bob, Foreman Michael, Henderson Joe, Larsen Neil, Narell Andy, Adderley Julian "Cannonball", Tyner McCoy, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, The Crusaders, Weather report, Spyro Gyra, Steps ahead, Brecker bros
Autres auteurs : Gillespie Dizzy, Elias Eliane
Publié par : Sher music , 1988
Caractéristiques physiques : 438 p. 31 cm
ISBN : 0961470143

Contient :
Four E.S.P. Nefertiti Solar Eighty one Tune up Fall Joshua Lady bird If I were a bell Dig - Davis, Miles
Waltz for Debby Very early Gloria's step Re : person I knew Laurie Funkallero Up with a lark - Evans, Bill
Well, you needn't Ruby, my dear I mean you Monk's mood Off minor In walked Bud - Monk, Thelonious
Footprints Speak no evil Wildflower Yes and no Ana Maria The Three Marias Endangered species - Shorter, Wayne
Little sunflower Up jumped spring First light Mr Clean - Hubbard, Freddie
St Thomas Oleo Airegin Pent up house - Rollins, Sonny
Blue bossa Black narcissus No me esqueca Fire - Henderson, Joe
Mercy, mercy, mercy Gemini Save your love for me Blue Daniel - Adderley, Julian "Cannonball"
Search for peace Blues on the corner La Vida feliz - Tyner, McCoy
Reincarnation of a loverbird Remember Rockefellar at Attica Self portrait in three colors - Mingus, Charles
West coast blues Four on six Unit seven - Montgomery, Wes
Voyage - Getz, Stan
Lush life Theme for Ernie - Coltrane, John
Anthropology Shaw 'Nuff - Parker, Charlie Gillespie, Dizzy
Bouncin' with Bud Hallucinations - Powell, Bud
Early autumn Four brothers - Herman, Woody
Chelsea Bridge Come sunday - Ellington, Duke
Bird food Blues connotation - Coleman, Ornette
Quintessence The Midnight sun will never set - Jones, Quincy
Waltz new Simple samba - Hall, Jim
Line for Lyons Bernie's tune - Mulligan, Gerry
Promenade Time remembers one time once - Zeitlin, Denis
Madagascar Nightlake - Abercrombie, John
Your mind is on vacation Foolkiller - Allison, Mose
Twisted Farmer's market - Lambert, Hendricks and Ross
Small day tomorrow Love came on stealthy fingers - Kral, Irene
Blizzard of lies My attorney Bernie - Frishberg, Dave
Elm - Beirach, Richie
Sandu - Brown, Clifford
Nigerian marketplace - Peterson, Oscar
Little waltz - Carter, Ron
Last train from overbook - Moody, James
Rapture - Land, Harold
Compared to what - McCann, Les
Jersey bounce - Goodman, Benny
Last first - Peacock, Gary
Doors - Nock, Mike
Robbin's nest - Jacquet, Illinois
Crystal love - Ozone, Makoto
Change of mind - Erskine, Peter
Wave Desafinado Triste Once I loved Dindi Chega da saudade Favela If you never come to me - Jobim, Antonio-Carlos
Spiral - Sphere
Breakfast wine - Shew, Bobby
Partido alto Creek - Airto Moreira
The Island Velas Love dance - Lins, Ivan
Soul sauce - Tjader, Cal
A little tear - Vaughan, Sarah
Boogie down Breakin' away Mornin' Sticky wicket Easy Never givin'up - Jarreau, Al
Cubano chant - Bryant, Ray
I love Lucy - Cole, Richie
Gaviota - Fischer, Clare
Mr Gone Havona River people Plaza real - Weather report
Matinee idol Rush hour Goin'home Sonja's sanfona One family - The Yellow Jackets
Street life Put it where you xwant it Never make your move too soon Keep that same old feeling It happens everyday - The Crusaders
This masquerade Turn your love around Affirmation - Benson, George
Moladji Friends and strangers - Grusin, Dave
Let's go dancin' Rio Haunted ballroom - Feldman, Victor
Always there Black ice Delevans - Lorber, Jeff
Morning dance Shaker song Song for Lorraine - Spyro Gyra
Not Ethiopia - Brecker bros
Nothing personal - Brecker, Michael
Safari Both sides of the coin - Steps ahead
Portrait of Tracy Three views of a secret - Pastorius, Jaco
Let me be the one - Bofill, Angela
Sunrunner - James, Bob
Make me a memory , Sad samba - Washington, Grover
Desire - Scott, Tom
Baby, I love you Chain of fools - Franklin, Aretha
Feel like makin' love Killing me softly with this song - Flack, Roberta
P.Y.T., Pretty young thing - Jackson, Michael
Hideaway - Sanborn, David
Monkey's uncle - Foreman, Michael
Sudden samba - Larsen, Neil
Oz La Samba - Narell, Andy
The Goodbye look - Fagen, Donald
Guaruja - Brecker, Randy Elias, Eliane
Waterwings - Ritenour, Lee
Papa lips - Mintzner, Bob
Type : Partition

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