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Deep blues story 1945-1972, the finest Aladin Capitol & Imperial blues recordings

Publié par : EMI , 2002
Caractéristiques physiques : 3 d.c.

Contient :
She was in Chicago
Nobody in mind
Great big mama
Standin' at the station
Stormin' and rainin'
Ice man blues
My baby left me
Levee camp moan
Key to the highway
Feel so bad
Gatemouth boogie
Sad feeling
Come back to me baby
Baby, please don't go
Wondering blues
Telephone blues
Mc Shann's boogie blues
Country woman
Jumpin' Jack
The Comeback
Blues never fail
What evil have I done
Paper in my shoe
My adorable one
Amos' blues
Jumpin' tonight (Midnight rockin')
Jumpin' little woman
Dragging my heart around
Hot sauce
C.C. Rider
Married woman
I'm gonna get married
My baby done left me
Good woman blues
Flip flop
Hide away
Conversations with Collins
When it rains it pours
Guitar in my hand
Let's make it
Walkin' thru the park
She's my old time used to be
That certain door
Worryin' blues
Live at ma bee's
If you steal my chickens you can't make 'em lay
Riff and harmonica jump
Nose open
Too hot to hold
Pearly mae
Turnin' gray blues
Type : CD

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