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Country gospel, vol. 2 New York-Atlanta-Nashville, 1929-1946

Publié par : Night & Day , 1997
Caractéristiques physiques : 2 d.c.

Contient :
Motherless children - Carter Family (The)
Present joys - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
Rocky road - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
There's evil in ye children - Davis Jimmie
You'll never miss your mother - Grayson & Whitter
On the rock where Moses stood - Carter Family (The)
I'll lead a christian life - Reverend G.P. Harris
Dry bones - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
We shall be reunited - Alfred Karnes
Old time religion - Ernest Phipps & Holiness Quartet
No telephone in heaven - Carter Family (The)
Mother came to get her boy from jail - Wade Mainer
What would you give in exchange for your soul ? - Wade Mainer
God holds the future in his hands - Monroe Brothers
The saints go marching in - Monroe Brothers
Shining city over the river - Dixon Brothers (The)
In the vine covered chapel - Delmore Brothers
Heavenly light in shining on me - Delmore Brothers
Will the circle be unbroken ? - Monroe Brothers
Open up them pearly gates - Carson Robinson
Just inside the pearly gates - Anglin Twins
When the golden train comes down - Sons of The Pioneers
You must come in at the door - Sons of The Pioneers
It won't be long - Roy Acuff
The prodigal son - Roy Acuff
Precious memories - Shelton Brothers (The)
Adress from heaven - Armstrong Twins
Calling you - Hank Williams
Wealth won't save your soul - Hank Williams
Speak to me little darling - Blue Sky Boys (The)
My Lord keeps a record - Carl Story
Are you afraid to die ? - Carl Story
Echoes from the burning bush - Carl Story
Wicked path of sin - Bill Monroe
The drunken driver - Molly O'Day
The tramp on the street - Molly O'Day
Type : CD

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