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Woodstock 40 3 days of peace and music

Publié par : Warner , 2009
Caractéristiques physiques : 6 d.c.

Contient :
playHandsome Jophnny - Richie Havens
playFreedom - Richie Havens
playChoppity choppity - John Morris
playLook out - Sweetwater
playTwo worlds - Sweetwater
Jennifer - Bert Sommer
And when it's over - Bert Sommer
Smile - Bert Sommer
The goes Marilyn ! - John Morris
Hang on to a dream - Tim Hardin
Simple song of freedom - Tim Hardin
Fat blue acid - John Morris
Raga puriya-Dhanashri/Gat in Sawarital - Ravi Shankar
Momma momma - Melanie
Beautiful people - Melanie
Birthday of the sun - Melanie
Coming into Los Angeles - Arlo Guthrie
Wheel of fortune - Arlo Guthrie
Every hand in the land - Arlo Guthrie
All you funny people - John Morris
Joe Hill - Joan Baez
Sweet sir Galahad - Joan Baez
Hickory wind - Joan Baez
Drug store truck drivin' man - Jeffrey Shurtleff
Bring Scully his asthma pills - John Morris
Insulin and Quil intro - John Morris
They live the life - Quill
That's how I eat - Quill
Donovan's reef - Country Joe McDonald
I understand your wife is having a baby - Chip monck
The fish cheer/I-feel-like-I'm-fixin'-to-die rag - Country Joe McDonald
Persuasion - Santana
Soul sacrifice - Santana
How have you been - John B. Sebastian
Rainbows all over your blues - John B. Sebastian
I had a dream - John B. Sebastian
The letter - Incredible String Band (The)
When you find out who you are - Incredible String Band (The)
She is lost - Chip Monk
We're in pretty good shape - Chip Monk
Going up the country - Canned Heat
Woodstock boogie - Canned Heat
The brown acid is not specifically too good - Chip Monk
Blood of sun - Mountain
Theme for an imaginary western - Mountain
For Yasgur's farm - Mountain
For those of you who have partaken of the green acid... - Chip Monk
Green acid advice - Country Joe McDonald
Dark star - Grateful Dead (The)
Green river - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bad moon rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
I put a spell on you - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Work me, Lord - Janis Joplin
Ball and chain - Janis Joplin
Medley : Dance to the music/Music lover/I want to take you higher - Sly and the Family Stone
The politics of the situation - Abbie Hoffman
Amazing journey - Who (The)
Pinball wizard - Who (The)
Abbie Hoffman vs Pete Townshend - Who (The)
We're not gonna take it - Who (The)
The other side of this life - Jefferson Airplane
Somebody to love - Jefferson Airplane
Won't you try/Saturday afternoon - Jefferson Airplane
Grace Slick/We got a whole lot of orange - Jefferson Airplane
Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane
Breakfast in bed for 400 000 - Wavy Gravy
It just keeps goin - John Morris
Max Yasgur speaks - Max Yasgur
Feelin' alright - Joe Cocker
Let's go get stoned - Joe Cocker
With a little help from my friends - Joe Cocker
The rainstrom - Joe Cocker
Rock and soul music - Country Joe and the Fish
Love - Country Joe and the Fish
Not so sweet Martha Lorraine - Country Joe and the Fish
Summer dresses - Country Joe and the Fish
Silver and gold - Country Joe and the Fish
Rock and soul music (Reprise) - Country Joe and the Fish
Leland Mississippi blues - Johnny Winter
Mean town blues - Johnny Winter
You've made me so very happy - Blood, Sweat & Tears
Suite : Judy blue eyes - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Guinnevere - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Marrakesh express - Crosby, Stills & Nash
4+20 - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Sea of the madness - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Wooden ships - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
No amout of loving - Butterfield Blues Band
Love march - Butterfield Blues Band
Everything's gonna alright - Butterfield Blues Band
Get a job - Sha Na na
At the hop - Sha Na na
Get a job (Reprise) - Sha Na na
The star spangled banner/Purple haze/Woodstock improvisation - Jimi Hendrix
Woodstock farewell - Chip Monk
Type : CD

Résumé : Il y a quarante ans Woodstock. Du 15 au 18 août 1969 près d'un demi million de personnes envahirent le champ de Max Yasgur, fermier à Bethel dans l'état de New York, pour ce qui restera l'évènement majeur ou du moins le plus connu du mouvement hippie. Trente trois artistes se succéderont : Canned Heat, les Who, Santana, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix...

Note sur la récompense : Télérama No.3111 p.46 du 25/08/2009 3/4, Rock & Folk No.504 p.83 du 23/07/2009 4/5, RollingStone No.13 p.85 du 19/08/2009 4/5

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